Renee has been working in education for the past 15 years, as a professor, department chair, and now Dean of the Che School of Professional Studies at West Valley College. Renee has in-depth knowledge of the importance that needs to be placed on quality education and has the training and skills on how to accomplish this goal. With Renee on the City Council, she will work closely with the community and local schools to understand what the needs are and work with the school Boards to come up with innovative solutions to address these needs. Furthermore, Renee will focus on maintaining high academic achievements as well as work with the School Board to give more attention to areas such as student mental health and student success/completion rates. With our active engagement, Renee will make sure student's voices are heard and taken seriously.

During the last 15 years, Renee has contributed to West Valley College in the following ways:

1. Inaugural Dean of the Fang Pei Che School of Professional Studies (Business, Accounting, Law, Education, Real Estate Programs).

2. Development of Classroom to Internship to Workforce Pathway.

3. Coordination of Norooz/Persian New Year celebration - 2011-current.

4. Creation of student scholarships with record-breaking fundraising levels.

5. Contribution and partnership with local law enforcement agencies to improve diversity and social justice training for new officers.

6. Curriculum development in areas such as race, justice, women in law enforcement, ethics, and mental health.

7. Creation of the International Service Learning Program.

8. Increased diversity in the Administration of Justice Program.

9. Maintained a balanced budget and high fiscal oversight.