Renee Paquier for Saratoga City Council Endorsements

Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, California 18th Congressional District
Assemblymember Evan Low, California State Assembly District 28
Supervisor Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County District 3
Supervisor Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County District 5
Trustee Anne Kepner, West Valley/Mission Community College District
Vice President/Board Trustee David Guidry, Los Gatos Saratoga Union High School District
Board Member/Trustee Arati Nagaraj, Saratoga Union School District
Board Member/Trustee Sophia Kao, Saratoga Union School District
Former Mayor Manny Cappello, City of Saratoga
Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC)
Director Shay Franco-Clausen, Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority
Chair Alexandra W. Nugent, Heritage Preservation Commission, City of Saratoga
Vice Chair Anjali Kausar, Planning Commission, City of Saratoga
Former Planning Commissioner Pragati Grover, City of Saratoga
Parks and Recreation Commissioner Ping Li, City of Saratoga
Parks and Recreation Commissioner Rick Pearce, City of Saratoga
Parks and Recreation Commissioner Terry Ward, City of Saratoga
Former Mayor Chuck Page, City of Saratoga
Councilmember Paul Resnikoff, City of Campbell
President Cathie Watson-Short, 2018-2020 Prospect High PTSA President
Former Chair Matt Kamkar, Planning Commission, City of San Jose
Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Matais Pouncil, Evergreen Valley College
Education Advancement Advisor, President Ken Colson, Doris Dillon School, Kep, Cambodia, Burbank Sanitary District, San Jose
CEO Farzad Naimi, Naimi Group
Executive Director Mojgan Momeni, World Innovations Network
Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder Dr. Yahya Tahbesh, Polyup and Stanford University
Community Member Barbara Merrill
Community Member Fang Pei
Community Member Feri Moazeni
Community Member Gene Bernald
Community Member Ret. Sgt. Jim Smith
Community Members Karen and Mike O’Brien
Community Member Kathleen A. Crowe
Community Member Kathy Schuda
Community Member Laurel Perusa
Community Member Lisa Oakley
Community Member Marcia Hansen
Community Member Meaghan Seyve
Community Member Dr. Julie Herndon
Community Member Sara Tajik
Community Member Soraia Bakhtiari
Community Member Stilla Raisi
Community Member Michelle McIntyre
Community Member Usha Srinivasan
Community Member Niloufar Nouri
Community Member John Costa
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