As a Commissioner, Renee has contributed to the following objectives and projects:

1. To build stronger community relations and gather families by hosting events at City Parks.

2. To protect open-spaces, enhance biodiversity, and educate the community about our urban wildlife.

3. To continue promoting a healthy lifestyle by informing residents about park and trail locations and amenities.

4. To build stronger community relations by engaging community members in a dialogue about City Parks events and activities.

5. Creation and naming of Friendship Park.

6. Experience Saratoga parks inclusion drone video project.

7. Quarry Park planning, grand opening, and trail extensions.

8. Creation of Summer Movie Night Series.

9. Inclusive playground proposal.

10. Parks and trails improvement project.

11. Nesting boxes partnership with Park Management Program.


Renee is a Commissioner for the Saratoga Parks and Recreation Commission and has served in this capacity as Chair twice during this time. Renee appreciates the beauty of our local wildlife and landscapes and the strong need to protect our open spaces. As a Council Member, Renee will continue to protect these assets and encourage new laws to prevent large commercial development in our City and preservation of these sacred lands. As a Commissioner in Saratoga for over 7 years, Renee has the connections and experience to execute what the community wants. Most importantly, she is considerate and open to all resident's opinions and her decisions are serving your best interests and not just those who are self-serving or may damage the serenity of our City.