Renee wants to make sure that with every new large scale housing or commercial development project being proposed in our City, the Council considers the opinions of all residents who will be impacted by them. If elected, Renee will have an open-door policy to hear and gather, first hand, the responses and feedback from our community and research all aspects of the issues rather than rely on others to make these decisions or gather this important feedback for her.

Urban Housing Complex

Renee is against:

  • High-rise commercial buildings, such as the 10-12 story buildings being proposed at the current El Paseo de Saratoga site.

  • SB 35, which rips away local control and forces major development within our city limits, such as the proposed development at the current Quito Village site. Without the proper infrastructure in place, such as accessible public transportation, to support this huge increase in housing and cars on our roads, this project will have a huge environmental impact and will attack the essence of our city.

  • Building/taking advantage of the last remaining open spaces and orchards we have left in our city in order to create unnecessary commercial areas. Our focus needs to be on helping with the revitalization of the already existing commercial areas in Saratoga rather than attempt to build just for the sake of building.

  • Hidden agendas- Our community deserves to be heard and to have transparency from our Council, especially in areas which may greatly impact our City, such as large scale development. Information, such as proposed development/housing plans and their potential impacts, need to be easily available for all community members to access as well as the ability to contact city staff or council members if they have any questions about the information being presented.