Continued Leadership Delivering a Positive Impact for Our Community

Renee Paquier is running for Saratoga City Council in 2020. Growing up in an Iranian-American household, Renee was taught to always play an active role in public service and think about the well-being of the entire community. She has been involved with every aspect of community service, from education to seniors, from public safety to social justice. All her experiences and reputation proves that she is the most credible, ethical and considerate candidate for you. 

Renee has been a Saratoga Parks and Recreation Commissioner for the last seven and a half years, and as such, is a passionate advocate for open space preservation. Renee cares deeply about keeping Saratoga safe from big developers and opposes high-rise commercial buildings which will ruin the essence and character of our beautiful city. Renee has organized numerous events and engaged closely with community members to gain a first hand understanding of what the needs of the community are. As an Academic Dean and long time educator, Renee has the experience and training necessary to help Saratoga continue to thrive with academic achievements and help our children find the skills and encouragement they need while their pursuing their education. As a board member of the Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council, she works closely with seniors in our community and always serves with their best interests in mind. With her education background in criminal justice, international relations and educational leadership, she knows how to maintain a safe environment for our residents and when to reform law enforcement, if necessary.

With Renee on the City Council, she will be transparent, hear your voices and take action. Together, we will create a vibrant, welcoming and safe community for all. 

Comments from community members and elected officials:

"I am proud to endorse Renee Paquier for Saratoga City Council. Renee has an unrelenting dedication to Saratoga residents. Her commitment to Saratoga can be demonstrated through her love of community. She is a longtime volunteer for the City of Saratoga, Santa Clara County and internationally. Renee has seen the issues facing residents in these communities first-hand. Her experience within Saratoga has driven her priorities which includes a focus on seniors, education, and safety. Since moving to Saratoga, Renee has served as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner and a board member of the Saratoga Area Senior Coordinating Council. I am confident she will be a great leader, advocate, and voice for all."

– Congresswoman Anna Eshoo, California 18th Congressional District

Random Act of Kindness:

"At school, she brought the idea forward to her class, and more than 100 of her students quickly jumped at her offer to participate in the campaign, spreading their own brand of kindness throughout their respective hometowns."

"Renee is an outstanding instructor and Department Chair. She is extremely dedicated and gives 100% to her class and to the College. I can always count on Renee to be fair and keep the best interests of the staff and students in mind."

– John Garibaldi, Santa Clara County Superior Judge, Ret.  

"Renee would be a stellar addition to the Saratoga City Council, providing unmatched leadership, ethics, and accountability."

– John Costa, Law Enforcement Liaison, Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Services and Adjunct Instructor at West Valley College. 

I can't think of anyone better to represent Saratoga's best interests for families young and old. Renee is dynamic, a great listener, solution oriented and loves Saratoga. Thank you for running to serve our City!

– Cathie Watson-Short, 2018-2020 Prospect High PTSA President. 



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