"I have a strong track record and a true passion for serving my community. As the Chair of the Saratoga Parks and Recreation Commission, I have been an advocate for open space preservation and I am strongly against the development of high-rise commercial buildings that will ruin the essence of our beautiful city. Whether it is delivering weekly meals with the R.Y.D.E program to our seniors who are isolated and alone due to shelter in place/COVID or educating the next generation of our workforce and youth as a Dean at West Valley College, I have an age friendly approach to finding solutions that meet the needs of our community. Together, we will create safe and strong neighborhoods, continue to provide the high
– Renee Paquier
caliber education that our children deserve, protect our city from big developers and preserve the character of Saratoga. Together, we will improve the lives of our seniors, re-invigorate our commercial districts and honor the diversity of the voices in our community.
I have first-hand experience and knowledge about our community, a deep commitment to finding out what the needs of our community are and taking the steps necessary to meet those needs.

I have the leadership, ethics, experience, communications and advocacy skills that our community members deserve and will provide the transparency that our city needs. 

I respectfully ask for your vote in November.

Thank you."


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