Renee has been an active volunteer for senior communities for many years. Since she has always worked closely with our senior residents, Renee understands their best interests and wants them to feel loved and cared for. Our campaign is working closely with the Saratoga Area Senior Coordinator Council (SASCC) to find solutions and target issues related to senior isolation and create programs to engage with seniors safely. 

During the last 5 years, as a board member for SASCC, our organization has:


1. Launched a multi-city senior transportation program called RYDE that delivers more than 5,000 rides per year to isolated seniors. During COVID we repurposed the program to deliver food and essential items, as well as provide trips to medical appointments. 


2. We increased our community's access to local news through our community newspaper called The Outlook.


3. We established Saratoga as the leading city in our county's Age-Friendly Initiative. Partnering with the city council, we performed a statistically valid survey of thousands of older adults in Saratoga and used the results to draft our Age Friendly Action Plan. We were recognized by the County Board of Supervisors as the first to complete this critical step, and have since completed most of the projects identified in the Action Plan.


4. Renee bridged her position as a SASCC Board member and Dean at West Valley College (WVC) and worked with Chancellor Brad Davis to earn WVC the honor of being the nation's first Age Friendly Community College Campus. 


5. Renee used her role at WVC to include seniors in all aspects of campus life when the senior center was closed for renovations.


6. Renee pulled together a group of stakeholders and started the process of developing a certificate program at WVC for caregivers to the elderly.


7. Every year we plan a popular community-wide Health Fair that provides free medical screenings, flu shots, information, resources, food and fun. The last two years we opened it up to all ages and made it the county's first Age Friendly Health Fair with a bounce house, face painting and fun for the whole family.